Projects and Grants

For Information Regarding Projects and Grants that are being administered by the Public Works Department

There are three categories of projects - proposed/planned, in progress and complete.

We have listed in progress projects first. Proposed/Planned projects second and complete projects last.

Projects and construction are budget dependent.


Projects In Progress: Residents should expect delays in project areas and use detour routes when possible. All projects are weather dependent.  Project completion dates are estimates if everything goes according to plan.

See Road Updates

Other work - drainage(replacement of catch basin tops, replacement/install of pipe and install of catch basins, reclaimation of roadway, excavation of shoulder for stabilization, grading, paving, curbing, driveway aprons, and paint markings as required. We take the preservation of trees seriously. Trees being considered for removal are flagged with green tape, then posted for ten days and then marked for removal. Typically, trees are only removed for safety reasons - sightline or clear zone, but they should be removed to protect the edge of new and existing pavement and allow drainage installation where the roots would be effected or for the safety of workers during trenching or basin installation

Detour Routes, Link to Town Road Map

In-Progress Projects:

Projects are generally shutdown for the winter.

 Aspetuck Ridge Road Bridge Plans, Specifications and Addenda

Aspetuck Ridge Road Bridge [southern end] #05655 - Design and inspection engineering services for bridge are provided by WMC Engineers. Dayton Construction Company, Inc. is the awarded construction contractor for this project.  Construction has begun and will continue until completion Spring 2017. The road will be one lane alternating traffic during construction.

Horizontal Curve Safety Grant - CT DOT, consultant engineer and contractor will be preparing plans and installing rural road curve warning signs. ~est. 2018

Merryall Road Bridge 95-5118 - the project is under design with WMC Consulting Engineers. They have performed two structure studies for evaluation of design/construction options.

Merryal Road Original Structure Type Study

Merryall Road Additional Structure Type Study

Public Informational Meeting flyer for June 28, 2016

Mill Street Bridge 95-05314 - the project is under permitting with Dewberry. We have obtained our local inland wetlands permit and are seeking our DEEP permits. This is expected to begin construction spring 2017.

Wellsville Avenue Road Bridge 95-4258 - the project is designed and permitted and receiving it's final peer review before bidding and construction in 2017. Temporary barriers will be placed this winter to limit weight on the bridge shoulder.  When this goes to construction, this will be a road closure.

Still River Drive Roundabout - is in final design that will go for regional review then proceed out to bid.

Planned or Proposed Projects:

Drainage - various small drainage projects consisting of inlet or outlet replacement

Gaylord Road Bridge #095021 Reconstruction

Mud Pond Road Bridge #095003 Reconstruction

Projects proposed are typically grants or capital projects. The formation of a Town Road Committee will assist in seeking funding and setting priorities to provide a level of service expected by taxpayers.

For further questions, please contact us at (860)355-6040 or use the webpages below.

Completed Projects:

Carriage, Archers, Warwick and Dailey Road Reconstruction

Aspetuck Ridge Road Bridge [northern end] #05111 

Meetinghouse Terrace, Norton Lane, and Meadowland Drive Roadway Reconstruction

Riverview Road Bridge

Russeling Ridge and Cathryn Street


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