1/25/2011 - Website Updates Include Videos

New Milford Mayor Pat Murphy is pleased to announce that recordings of the New Milford Town Council Meetings may now be viewed on the Town’s Website, http://www.newmilford.org.

The NEW "Government" listing on the left side contains a link to the videos as well as a comprehensive list of commonly used documents and resources pertaining to the Town’s general operation.  Some of the items that have been consolidated to this new page are the Agendas and Minutes; Charter and Ordinances; Regulations; Schedules and so much more.  “We’ve been working since last summer on upgrades to our Web Page and this was a natural fit,” she said.

“Tammy Reardon, my Administrative Aide, has been working on this with the IT Department, for almost two years looking for ways to improve the Website and make Town functions more accessible on-line.  They designed ways to move frequently accessed information to a new section of the Website.

“Tammy has been taping the Town Council Meetings for a long time.  We just had to find a way to post the tapes without burdening the taxpayers with an additional cost. We don’t have a budget for this so it’s a real testament to their creativity and resourcefulness that this could be done.   

“Before this could be accomplished, the IT Department had to make system upgrades to the technology that was already owned by the Town.  The upgrades were necessary to provide smooth and consistent service with the increased bandwidth that’s required to support some of the new Website features,” according to Mayor Murphy.  

The posted recordings are in .wmv format and can be viewed on most computers using, for example, Windows Media Player.  Because the video recording system currently in use doesn’t have an external microphone, viewers may need to turn up the volume.  Town Council meetings as early as July 2010 are available for viewing and more meetings from 2010 will be published to the Website in the upcoming weeks.  
Your comments, concerns and suggestions are always welcome and can be expressed by calling the Mayor's Office at 860-355-6010 or emailing Mayor@newmilford.org