Startup Checklist

Each step below may not be necessary depending on a variety of factors related to the business you plan to start. These factors include, but are not limited to the nature of your business, the location of your business, if you intend to hire employees, and whether you will be conducting major renovations or new construction.


 Plan your business: Business planning, advice and research before starting can be valuable. To learn more about the free resources that are available to you click here

 Incorporate your business: If you've made the decision to incorporate your business you'll need to determine which business structure is best for you. Click here to learn more about common types of business structures. Once you've chosen one you will need to file your papers with the Secretary of the State's Office and register a trade name. You will also need to register your trade name with the Town clerk. Click here to get the form.

 Check local zoning regulations: To learn the areas of town where you're permitted to operate your type of business you may contact the Zoning Office directly at (860) 355-6095.

 Find a location: In addition to working with area real estate brokers the New Milford Economic Development Office can assist you with your search. You can call us directly at (860) 355-5001.

 Local permitting & assistance: If you've narrowed down a business location and want to know what issues you need to consider before moving forward with a lease or purchase the Town Development Services Team can assist. Every Tuesday morning we conduct informal meetings with representatives of building, zoning, public works, health, sewer, fire, and economic development all at the same time so that you have the information and answers that you need. To schedule a meeting contact us directly at (860) 355-5001.

 Obtain the proper licenses: If you have questions regarding licensing and registration the Connecticut Licensing Info Center is a great resource. 

 Hiring employees: Visit the Connecticut Department of Labor for information on hiring employees, unemployment insurance, wages issues and labor laws.

 Financing & incentives: To learn about the alternative financing and business incentive programs that may be available to you click here or call us directly at (860) 355-5001.