Food Service Establishments

Food Establishments are required to have a yearly Food License provided by the New Milford Health Department. Any new Food Establishments please contact the New Milford Health Department so we may help you through the process.

Any food establishments or vendors that are providing food for a temporary event are required to fill out the proper temporary food application along with the appropriate fee.

NEW:  The State of CT has adopted the FDA Food Code for all Food Establishments.  

Effective immediately all food establishments will be reclassified and the cold holding temperatures for potentially hazardous foods is now 41°F or below and the hot holding temperature is now 135°F or higher.

Effective July 1, 2018:

  • All class 2, 3 and 4 food establishments will be required to have a trained Certified Food Protection Manager and all servsafe certificates will need to be renewed if expired.
  • Product date marking will be required to ensure all refrigerated food is consumed within 7 days.
  • Temperature indicators for measuring utensil surface temperatures at hot water dish washing machines must be available.
  • Variances for special processes, such as sous vide, sushi rice acidification and vacuum packing must be submitted to the State Health Department for review and approval.
  • ALL food establishments will be required to register with the CT Department of Public Health before permits are renewed or issued by this Department.

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