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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a noise ordinance for the Town of New Milford?

Q: Can I apply online?
Yes, the option to apply online is available.  A link to the online permitting system can be found on the Zoning page, under "Additional Links" or on the Home page of the website under "Quick Links".

Q: Are permits required for fences on residential properties?
No, the Zoning Department does not issue permits for fences.  There are no minimum setback requirements, however, fences shall not be placed in such a manner as to inhibit lines of sight or otherwise affect traffic safety. Razor wire and/or other similar types of hazardous fencing are prohibited in residential zones. Fences can not be over 8 ft in height.  Please contact the Building Department as they may require a permit for a fence.

Q: Am I allowed to have livestock on my residential property and how many animals are allowed?
A minimum of 3/4 of an acre of land is required for the first unit. For every additional 1/2 acre of land an additional unit is permitted.  There is no limitations for properties with five (5) or more acres.  A unit is defined as the following:
One (1) cow or horse
Three (3) llamas or similar ruminants
Two (2) young stock
Five (5) goats or sheep
Fifty (50) chickens 
Adequate fencing must be installed and maintained. Any building associated with the keeping or stabling of horses or livestock must be located at least 50’ to any property line.
The Zoning Department does not regulate the number of domestic animals (dogs, cats, etc.)

Q: When or for what do I need a Zoning permit?
Any exterior expansion or construction including, but not limited to, decks, sheds, and pools; home occupations, use changes. Please contact Zoning staff with the specifics for your project or apply online or submit a completed Zoning permit application with a plot plan/survey/map of the property indicating the location of the structure/expansion to the Zoning Department for review.

Q: What is the fee for a Zoning permit?
The fee for a Zoning permit is based upon cost of construction for a project. Please refer to the fee schedule located at the bottom of the Zoning permit application or consult with Zoning staff.

Q: How do I get a copy of a plot plan/survey/map for a certain property?
Contact or come into the Zoning Department during normal business hours with the street address of the property. If there is a map on file, Zoning staff can copy it for you. Please be advised that there is a $.50 fee per page for 8 1/2" x 11" copies, $1.00 fee per page for 11" x 17" copies and a $15.00 fee per map for full size map copies.  Full size map copies may take a day or two to process.

Q: What zone is my property located in?
Please email the Zoning office at zoning@newmilford.org or call the Zoning office at 860-355-6095, during normal business hours, with the specific street address or tax assessors map and lot number for the property and staff will provide you with the zone information.

Q: What are the setbacks for my property? 
Setbacks are determined by zone and the type and size of the structure you would like to build. Although there is a setback reference form on the Zoning webpage, it is recommended to consult with staff. Please have the street address, type of structure and the size of the structure available when contacting Zoning staff.

Q: Do I need a Zoning permit for a sign?
Yes, please refer to Chapter 145 for further information regarding the type and size of the sign you are permitted to have on your property or apply online or submit a completed sign permit application, with a sign rendering and dimensions, to the Zoning Department.   

Q: Can I place a sign in the State Right of Way?
Please contact the state as they would have to grant permission to have a sign on state property.

Q: If I am replacing an existing sign do I need a permit?
Yes, all new signs, including replacements or refacing, need a sign permit.

Q: Why or when would I need a zoning variance?
When your proposed construction does not comply with zoning regulations and adherence to the regulations causes unusual hardship.  Please submit a completed Zoning application with project specifics, before filing a variance application, to the Zoning office to determine what section of the regulations you would need relief from.

Q: Can I have an in-law apartment on my property?
Accessory apartments (often referred to as in-law apartments) are permitted by Special Permit approval by the Zoning Commission, subject to the conditions outlined in section 025-090 of the Zoning Regulations. Please contact zoning staff for more information.

Q: What type of business can I operate from my residence?
Please see section 025-070 of the Zoning Regulations or contact Zoning staff. 

Q: How do I file a Zoning complaint?
In order to investigate potential zoning violations, complaints must be submitted in writing to the Zoning Office. Complaint Forms are available on the Zoning Department's webpage or at the Zoning Office. Please provide as much detail as possible about the complaint, including where and when the potential violation can be observed.

Q: What can Zoning do about my neighbor's fence/shed/tree branches/garden on my property?
Nothing, these types of situations are considered civil matters and are not regulated by the Zoning Department.

 Q: In what zone can I operate my mobile food truck/hot dog cart?
Food vending trucks are not a permitted use on private property in any zone. A restaurant must be in a building and meet all applicable setback, parking, landscaping, lighting, drainage, etc. requirements. A vending truck/cart is not a building. Vending trucks/carts on public/municipal property are permitted by the Mayor's Office.