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Currently Vacant - Working for New Milford

Senior Facility Technician:
Dave Martin

With a staff of nine, the Building Maintenance Department is responsible for corrective and preventative maintenance to 27 Town Buildings including the Town Hall, Police Station, Library, Railroad Station, Teen Center, Richmond Center, 47 Bridge Street (Park and Rec location) and 7 Public Works Buildings and the maintenance to all new downtown decorative lights. This staff consists of a trade licensed supervisor, a senior technician, two skilled technicians, and five semi-skilled technicians.

The Building Maintenance Department is responsible for the day-to-day custodial responsibilities in all 27 Town buildings. The day-to-day custodial activities include: cleaning, repair, carpet, lights and painting of all offices in the Town. In addition to these projects the Facilities department was also responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the decorative street lights that have increased from 105 to about 200 in the downtown area. Facilities Maintenance also has the customer service request system based on the internal requests of Town employees and the needs of the offices and responded to ~200 work orders. Many of the technical projects are ongoing since some maintenance items haven’t been addressed in over 10 years-cleaning, plastering and painting some facilities are just an example of projects done with only two FM Technician I’s. The FM Manager also is responsible for the Energy consumption of the Town buildings and has spent many hours researching and implementing new lighting and electrical facilities in order to reduce spending.

FM has a back log of work requests that average approximately 127-149 per year that continue to roll over if unable to be finalized.
The items on the next column are still Works in Progress that are continuing into the next fiscal year:

  • Gaylord schoolhouse-septic system exposure
  • Gaylord schoolhouse yard work
  • Painting program under way at TH, 47 Bridge, Senior Center and PD
  • PWD security upgrades
  • Street light cleaning and lens change out
  • Energy savings program throughout Town buildings


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