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New Milford Social Services offers guidance for residents experiencing difficulty in budgeting.  Working one-on-one or in a group, our social workers can assist with challenging financial situations by offering information on managing your budget, spending less and saving more, prioritizing debt and financial obligations. 

We offer resource materials to assist in developing a better relationship with your money and to set financial goals.  This information is helpful to all, regardless of one's income level.  

We also provide Financial Education Classes.  These classes are Virtual and scheduled in the evening.

NEXT CLASS:  "Understanding Taxes"~ 4-part series~ 6pm-7pm: Virtual- use your home computer (access to Google preferable)

  • ~Wed. 2/23- Taxes & Your Pay Stub: explain where income taxes are collected from & how they provide revenue for public expenses; read a pay stub & describe the different deductions.
  • ~ Mon. 2/28- Tax Cycle & Paperwork: identify important dates of the tax cycle, difference between common tax forms, purpose of a W-4 & how it impacts your paycheck
  • ~Wed. 3/2- How to File Your Taxes: identify items needed to prepare a return, different ways to file, understand the purpose of a W-2 and how to use it to file, explain how to make a tax payment if owed
  • ~Mon. 3/7- Completing the 1040: practice completing a 1040 form

Email for a registration form.


Click on More Financial Education Tips" to see money-wise ideas on savings and spending, educating youth and other miscellaneous tips to gain the skills for a better financial outlook.




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