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War Service

African Americans from New Milford represented the United States serving in every war including the Civil War. Below are the names of those who proudly served their country. For more complete information please call Proud Heritage.

Revolutionary War 1775 - 1783

Jeff (Listed on Liberty Plaque -- Washington, CT)

George (Listed on Soldier's War by first name only followed by Negro)

Jack (Listed on Soldier's War by first name only followed by Negro)

Civil War 1861 - 1865

Richard Heacock Joined Jan. 5, 1864 -- Mustered out: June, 1865

George A. Dunbar Joined Feb., 1863 -- Mustered out: Sept. 1864

Chester Phillips, died September 23, 1864, in Virginia, Age 19

Sergeant William E. L. Morrison (Colored 29th), died in Fort Monroe Hospital, October 27, 1864, from wounds he received in battle at Fairbanks, Age 21

First World War 1914 - 1918

Fielden Richard (Pvt.) Enlisted U.S. Army age 18 1917
Citation: Bronze Victory Button

Classon A Reed Inducted: April 30, 1918
(Pvt. 367th infantry, U.S. Army)

Samuel Pennywell Inducted October 12, 1918

Martin Sterling Dunbar Inducted 1918
Citation of Declaration -- Croix de Guerre

Ronald T. Heacock Inducted 1912 -- Mustered out 1919
367th Infantry 97th Division
Sent overseas on SS. American

Robert J. Peagler Corp Inducted July 31, 1918

Second World War 1939 - 1945

Gerald A. Quammie Northville

Gordon A. Ritchie Inducted April 22, 1942 -- Mustered out Nov. 4, 1945
Declaration Citation; Good Conduct Medal.

Fielden E. Ritchie Induction Oct. 4, 1943 Mustered out Nov. 24, 1945
Good Conduct Medal, W.W.II Victory pt Medal,

Perrett Johnson Inducted Sept 6, 1942

Classon Reed, Jr. Inducted April 28, 1943 -- Mustered out March 17, 1946

Sterling E. Heacock Inducted July 10, 1941 -- Mustered out March 28, 1944

Maurice G. Freeman Inducted 1942 Air Force.

Charles G. Peagler Inducted June 12, 1942 -- Mustered out Jan 26, 1946

William Irving Peagler Inducted 6/8/43

John Peagler Inducted 1943 (Captain)

Robert (Dick) Peagler Inducted Jan. 1942 -- Lt. Pegler was killed in action by a sniper's bullet while pointing out a machine gun nest. His action enabled rocket launches that destroyed the nest and helped Americans capture the hill. Posthumously he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his bravery.

Wilber I. Peagler Inducted 6/8/43 (Seaman 1st class)

Frederick Peagler Inducted 1943

Korean War

Sterling Heacock Inducted 1951


Joseph M Smith Enlisted 1984

Desert Storm 1989

Donna Freeman Induction May, 1989 -- Mustered out Jan. 1994

Captain Donna Freeman Daniel
(Great, great granddaughter of Edward R. Heacock)

Iraq War

Terrance William Freeman Induction to the U.S. Navy on August 22, 2004
Great, Great Grandson of Edward & Ruth Heacock, Great Grandson of David & Eleanor Freeman,
Grandson of Donald & Dorothy Freeman, son of Deborah A. Freeman

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