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UPDATE: 4/24/2017


GreenCap Phase I Proposal Considerations

  1. “Free” energy assessments are never truly free despite the offer by some companies to complete such an assessment at no cost to the client.
    1. The "free" August 2015 ECG New Milford Preliminary Assessment Report is a cursory overview of New Milford’s municipal buildings that includes information generic to most Connecticut municipal/school buildings built between 1950-1985. The report is designed to encourage a town to hire the engineering firm to either complete a more comprehensive energy assessment or to perform Phase II Energy Audit. 
      1. The "real" cost of those reports are generally 2-3 times that of GreenCap Advisors’ Phase I Assessment.
      2. It is no secret that the JPCC building is in need of major improvements such as insulation/sealing, a new roof, upgraded windows, upgraded lighting, etc. It makes little sense to pay for an upgraded engineering report that states what is already apparent.
  2. The Town only pays for what it needs.
    1. The GreenCap Phase I report will provide detailed information that will provide a detailed analysis of current equipment and new equipment to be installed with a detailed ROI Calculation. That’s what the Town requires at this stage. Nothing more.
      1. Green Cap Advisors & Sparhawk Group (engineering firm) are already in direct contact with Eversource energy engineering staff in a constructive dialogue that will incorporate current building specifications and to-be-constructed energy systems to determine preliminary Eversource energy rebates/incentives and to provide a more accurate return on investment calculation.
  3. The right engineering firm for the right job. The Sparhawk Group is a premiere boutique energy efficiency assessment and design engineering firm which has completed dozens of municipal and school projects over 35 years. It has commissioned and "re-commissioned" more micro-combined heat and power (mCHP) projects in the Northeast than any other engineering firm. 
  4. The GreenCap Phase I report has value even if the Town elects not to move forward with the design/construction/implementation through GreenCap.








Phase II and III of GreenCap Proposal Considerations

To ESCO or Not To ESCO”

  1. An Energy Services Company, “ESCO” contract will typically require a capital outlay for the same project that is at least 30% to 50% more than a town hiring a contractor and doing the project itself.  This translates into economic value that is lost to the town never to be captured and greatly diminishes what the town is setting out to accomplish. This is according to a former Green Bank/MASS Clean Energy Center executive.
    1. There is sufficient fact based evidence with several towns in CT that utilized ESCO energy performance contracting that did not receive the anticipated energy savings promised per energy performance contracts. The ESCO contracts, are voluminous often 75-150 pages, and may bury exculpatory language or an "out clause" on performance guarantees measures to be installed. The same Green Bank/MASS Clean Energy Center executive cited above also mentioned a town in CT terminated an Energy Performance Contract, “EPC” contract when it was discovered that the ESCO provided language buried in the middle of the contract offering no performance guarantees for a "CHP" Combined Heat Power system to be installed.
    2. GreenCap recommends the Town of New Milford independently confirm that which we have stated above by speaking to municipalities that have utilized ESCO's for EPC's.      
  2. ESCO's almost always utilize third party contractors to install energy measures. Green Cap Advisors will utilize the same bonded/insured third party contractors to install energy efficiency measures on the JPCC building.
  3. Green Cap advisors will offer full transparency on project costs and consulting fees acting as the Town of New Milford's energy efficiency consultant. Project costs will not be inflated or bloated with hidden fees.
  4. GreenCap will incorporate the same risk management principals ostensibly being offered by an ESCO.
    1. All third party contractors will be required to be bonded for 100% of the project costs until project completion.
    2. Equipment performance guarantees will be issued by a AAA rated insurance company.
    3. 5 or 10 year equipment warrantees will be issued by AAA rated warranty company and/or Fortune 500 manufacturers.


In summation, GreenCap can provide:


-"Real" performance guarantees and warranties

-Access to top-rated contractors, engineers, and insurance companies.

-A project cost that is likely 30%-50% less than an ESCO company.







February 13, 2017


We have received the final report from our contractor regarding testing at Pettibone. No asbestos was detected in the walls or drop ceilings that we were working with. We knew that the floor tiles and some insulation contained such material, which is common in such buildings. We will either avoid disturbing such areas or rely on certified contractors to address any issues.

In addition, the Report confirms the absence of toxic levels of lead paint, characterized as 1.0 or greater. While some low levels were identified (.1), our work will not create any airborne concentrations over the action level.

We will be posting documents and updates to keep the public informed of our progress. We look forward to occupying this Building soon. Thank you for your support.


Mayor David Gronbach 



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